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Fall & Winter Care Tips for Five Easy House Plants

· The name of each plant is in the caption at the bottom of each photo. ·

October 24, 2018 Comments Off on Fall & Winter Care Tips for Five Easy House Plants

Fall has arrived, and just as a garden can be prepped for fall and winter, house plants can be prepped for cooler seasons with a few simple steps. Below I give 4 effortless tips that will help your house plants continue to flourish during the fall and winter months:

1.Move house plants to a spot where they will thrive. Don’t make the same mistake I’ve made in the past and be tempted to put a plant in a spot just because that’s where you want to put it. I am finding that there are certain spots in my home where plants do best- find those spots and make space for your plants in those areas.

2.Water & fertilize less often. Depending on the strength of your fertilizer, fertilize less often. I fertilize once a month (as opposed to twice a month during warmer seasons). I use the fertilizer pictured below.3.Clean the plant. Dust the plant & check for insects regularly.4.If plants are watered and fertilized well, but look sickly they may be overwatered or plants may not be receiving enough sun light. Consider using a pot that drains well, watering less often, and/ or moving the plant to a spot that receives more sunlight. Plants should look lively and have healthy, clear, perky leaves. I know my plants are healthy and receiving the right amount of sunlight, water, and fertilizer when they produce new leaves and shoots consistently.

Aubrie Reed