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Easy DIY Holiday Decorations: 4 Ways to Use Baby’s Breath in Your Holiday Decor

December 5, 2018 Comments Off on Easy DIY Holiday Decorations: 4 Ways to Use Baby’s Breath in Your Holiday Decor

Baby's breath is officially my favorite decorative flower for around the house. Originally I had planned to use it to make a Christmas wreath, but I had some left over bouquets and decided to find other ways to use it in my holiday decor. I like its minimalist and delicate touch, and think it's an unexpected but suitable winter floral since it looks a little bit like snow. Here are some of the materials you'll need to make Christmas decor using baby's breath:

Materials Needed:

  • 2-3 baby’s breath bouquets
  • twig wreath
  • greenery from yard
  • twine
  • scissors

1. Christmas Wreath

Cut baby’s breath where the stems come together to make a V. Gently insert baby’s breath in between the twigs of the wreath. Arrange the baby’s breath around the wreath and fill in any holes.

2. Table Runner

Lay greenery onto table in a singular, straight line and tie greenery together using twine. Take three small bouquets of baby’s breath and attach to the greenery using the excess twine. Prefer a visual of the step by step process? Watch the video below.

3. Ornaments

The ornament on the left is made from 14 gauge craft wire I bent into a diamond and tied at the top with twine.  The ornament on the right is a fillable, clear plastic craft ornament from Hobby Lobby.

4. Fireplace Mantel Decor

Use the same steps for making the table centerpiece to make the mantel garland. For the stockings: use a hot glue gun to attach baby’s breath to a stocking. A toothpick makes a great tool for pressing the flowers into the hot glue.

Aubrie Reed