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15 Affordable & Essential DIY Home Crafting Supplies Every Home Crafter Should Have

October 24, 2018 Comments Off on 15 Affordable & Essential DIY Home Crafting Supplies Every Home Crafter Should Have

The holiday season, which is crafting season for me, is upon us. During this time of year I think of projects and crafts to do on a whim. Having certain items stocked in my crafting kit and ready to go expedites the crafting process. Here is a list of 15 very affordable and essential crafting supplies I think every home maker and crafter should keep stored within reach.

1.Scissors. Pretty explainable- I like to keep one pair of scissors for paper and a separate pair for cutting fabric.

2. Mod Podge. This is my go to glue, decoupage, and craft finalizer for projects that require a liquid adhesive every time. Mod Podge adheres various types of materials to each other and puts the finishing touch on projects since it can be used as a final coat or sealant. It comes in gloss, matte, satin, pearl, sparkle, and several other finishes. 

3. Paint Brushes. Not just for paint- I use them to apply glue and other liquids you may not want to apply with your hands.

4. Ribbon. With holiday gift ideas needing to be wrapped and decorated, having a few types of ribbon in your kit is always a good idea. From baking, to gifting, to crafting ribbon can be used to embellish so much. I try to keep neutral colored ribbon in my kit to ensure it will match a variety of projects.

5. Cellophane Wrap. I love using cellophane wrap to cover baked goods that I give as gifts. It’s sturdier than saran wrap and the translucent surface acts like a clear wrapping paper which I think is appropriate when gifting cookies, breads, etc. 

6. Tissue & Wrapping Paper. This stuff is good to have on hand any time of the year. You never know when you’re going to need to wrap a quick birthday gift or use the paper for a crafting idea. 

7. Needle & Thread. Good for projects that use fabric, but also good for that loose button that decides to fall off your shirt.

8. Yarn, String, or Twine. Perfect for hanging things up or attaching things together.

9. Crafting Wire. It’s nice to have wire when yarn and string aren’t rigid enough. I keep a thin gauge and thick gauged wire in my supply box.

10. Hot Glue Gun. This is one of my top crafting tools. Give me a glue gun and I can make anything.

11. Staple Gun. I like to use this to attach items (like a garland) to a bookshelf or a wall.

12. White Paper Roll. This is a staple item for our house in general. You never know when you’ll need a piece of paper to sketch an idea, make a pattern, or doodle a picture for fun. 

13. Scotch, Duct, and White Paper Tape. Sometimes tape is better at adhering materials together than glue or decoupage.

14. Hole Punch. Make a whole in paper and other materials without ripping or destroying your project.

15. Pencils. Good for making a quick sketch of something, tracing patterns, or for writing down ideas.


Do you have these items in your crafting supply box? What supplies do you keep in your crafting box?

Aubrie Reed